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We have all the “factory replica bends” in all the team colors, available in 3 popular models:

– Standard 7/8”

– Oversized 1 1/8” without X Bar 

– Oversized 1 1/8” with X Bar 

If you’ve gotten used to a specific Renthal or Protaper handlebar, no problem there is a conversion column in our bar chart below to help you get the Tag Metals bend you need. 

Our models are easy to understand, pick your bike and we have a “factory replica bend” to match your bike. 

Our Yamaha bend is same bend factory riders Cooper Webb* and new Yamaha rider Ryan Villopoto uses. 

Our Honda bend is the same as the factory Honda riders today use. 

Our KTM / Suzuki / bar is the same bend as Ryan Dungey* (KTM) and James Stewart (Suzuki) used & Josh Hansen (Suzuki) use. 

Kawasaki same as Ryan Villopoto and Eli Tomac* use. As does Axell Hodges.  

Our bends are latest “factory riders replica handlebar bends”. 

Give us a call at 661 253 1592 if you need help picking your new favor handlebar. 

* These riders do not endorse Tag Metals Handlebars. 

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